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Christ Church Kids
Ages: 6 months - 6th Grade

Christ Church Kids is a dynamic children's program that combines fun activities with Biblical instruction.  Crafts, games, singing, and object lessons highlight the exciting time these young people spend together.  Leading boys and girls to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and maturing them in their faith is the primary goal of Christ Church Kids.

Christ Church Students
Ages: 7th Grade - 12th Grade

Many young people today are being bombarded from every side but we are here to help them by seeking Biblical truths and answers.  Our goal is to develop every teen's relationship with the Father, strengthening their walk with Jesus Christ, and giving them the tools to overcome real-life situations every day while becoming a light in this world.

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Thrive Adults
Ages: 25-40

THRIVE Adults are about growing together in Kingdom Purpose and thriving in the fullness of Christ.  We encourage all adults age 25-40 to join us monthly as we get together for great times that strengthen our relationships with one another.  Keep an eye on the calendar and church announcements for where we'll be meeting next.

G.A.P. Adults
Ages: 40-60

God's Appointed Purpose, or G.A.P. as we call them, are individuals between the age of 40 to 60 that gather monthly for a time of fun and fellowship.  They grow in the Word with one another building lasting relationships that strengthen the generations here at Christ Church and in our community.

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Pillars Adults
Ages: 60+

Our Pillars Adult Ministry, age 60 and older, are involved in every facet of our church life, and we believe them to be a vital strength and support to the church.  We honor each one with their experiences, wisdom, and passion as gifts from God to contribute to the vision and families of Christ Church. Our Pillars are vibrantly excited about helping the younger generations grow as the people of God in worship, service and reaching our world with the Good News of Jesus Christ.  The Pillars Adults enjoy fellowship, food, fun, and exciting times together in a variety of ways throughout the year. Whatever the event, whether on campus, off-campus or out of town, this group has a great time. Pillars events are announced in the church bulletin. 

Impact Teams

Together we make an Impact for the Kingdom of God in our church, our community, and our region.  Whether we're facilitating corporate ministry, Growth Classes, Outreach, or Missions there is definitely a place for you to make an impact.